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Enzyme Nutrition

Why is eating food in its natural state , unprocessed and unrefined, so vital to the maintenance of good health? What is lacking in our modern diets that make us so susceptible to degenerative disease? What natural elements in food may play a key role in unlocking the secrets of life extension? These fascinating questions, and many more, are answered in Enzyme Nutrition. Our digestive organs produce some enzymes internally, however food enzymes are necessary for optimal health and must come from uncooked food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, raw sprouted grains, unpasteurized dairy products, and food enzyme supplements.

Enzyme Nutrition represents more than fifty years of research and experimentation by Dr. Howell. He show us how to conserve our enzymes and maintain internal balance.

As the body regains its strength and vigor, its   capacity to maintain its normal weight, fight disease and heal itself is enhanced.



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